YoungSTEMs Posters

“Not just your average community helpers!” The posters represent selected careers from the book “Careers in STEM: A to Z”. At the reasonable price of only $5/each (+ shipping), these full-color, high glossy posters are 11×17 inches.  Perfect for classroom and personal spaces, these posters are a must-have to promote the concept that ALL children can set their sights on a career in STEM. 
A Astronaut
C Chemist
G Geoscientist
I Immunologist
J Jet Engine Mechanic
L Lab Supervisor
M Mathematician
N Network Engineer
O Oceanographer
P Podiatrist
R Range Manager
Z Zoologist

…In particular, science education is essential to pursue careers in the occupations that will matter most in the 21st century economy, not just in our country, but worldwide.

— Rep. Woolsey (D-CA)

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