STEM Diversity Advocates Must Follow the legislation in the U.S. Congress

Many people characterize truly following Congressional bills, amendments, and implementation details as TMI – too much information.

However, we must ask ourselves, “What great changes or movements have ever been accomplished without grinding, gritty work and consistency?” In the case of remaining informed, this means reading.  And for the cause of STEM diversity, there is no exception.  With the national “buzz” around STEM, closely monitoring the details of bills is even more important.

There is an abundance of information available to us in a variety of venues, some having been vetted, some not.   So, if what we hear is confusing, then where should we turn for accuracy?  It must be in the bills and amendments that are actually proposed, passed, and implemented.  The phrase “The devil is in the details” takes on a new meaning, especially if one is to remain current and prepared for actions that promote STEM diversity.

Check out this article here and the links to the Congressional bills in their present state.  Let’s plan to revisit these bills as they progress and become implemented laws.  Learn what they mean for STEM diversity.  Learn how to stay a step ahead and strategically plan ways in which STEM diversity can be realized locally by using these national initiatives.

STEM Legislation


HR-255-Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act


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