Careers in STEMA to Z

 Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics


Book 1 – $12.00 (includes shipping and handling charges)

Children are introduced to a range of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers in this book. Several types of engineers are highlighted, as well as careers in life, environmental, and computer sciences.

This book is written from the perspective that young children can and should begin to envision their future.

What Will These Books Do For The Children In Your Program?

  • Introduce young children to STEM possibilities and realities
  • Support and encourage scientific thinking for all children
  • Motivate young children’s natural curiosity and talents in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  • Demonstrate the integration of early literacy learning (letters and sounds) with STEM concepts
  • Expand overall vocabulary in preparation for future reading and precise communication.

See below for Sample pages of the Careers in STEMA to Z book:



Why is it acceptable in this country to say, ‘I’m bad at math’? Do you know many people who would admit to being semi-literate? [The first step we need to take as a country] is to make it socially unacceptable to be bad at math just like it’s socially unacceptable to be bad at reading.

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