Dr. Kizzmikea S. Corbett – Lead Scientist on COVID -19 Vaccine

Most people are looking ahead to the near future with cautious, but hopeful optimism.  The days when we can get out more and spend time with people and in the places we love.  Let’s not forget this amazing young African American viral immunologist who led a team of scientists in developing one of the COVID-19 vaccines.  Check out these videos to see and hear Dr. Cobett:



Fire Ants Warning in Gulf Flood Waters

In the wake of now tropical depression Barry, officials have warned Gulf Coast area residents to remain alert for fire ants colonies that may be floating on the flood waters. Fire ants, though land dwellers, use their complex community system to build rafts, enabling them to float on water for days and weeks if needed. Read more and view videos illustrating this amazing feat by clicking here!

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Not by Happenstance

If you are reading this blog, you must have some interest in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics (STEM). Presumably, if you know the purposes of Young STEMs, you know our goals involve providing information and hopefully STEM inspiration for young children.
This just doesn’t happen however. Children may or may not see, hear, or read something that transforms their thinking in the area of STEM. As a matter of fact, it is more likely that there are more misses than hits. So, intentional actions are needed. We who care and have resources at our disposal must make the moves, take the actions that have the potential to change the future for children.
With great anticipation, we are looking forward to our next Young STEMs expo, in partnership with the Baltimore County Schools, particularly Lyons Mill Elementary School. SATURDAY, NOV. 2, 2019, 10:00 AM TO 3:00 PM is the 4th Annual Baltimore County and Young STEMs STEM Expo. Ideally, the school will be packed with families; patient parents and excited children who have forgotten for a few hours the lure of video games.
The Expo is but one move or action, but it is a good one filled with a wide variety of interactive activities for youth.

Check out the Press Release and share the event with as many people as you can. Share the wealth – inspire a child!

Northern White Rhino – Only 2 Females Left

Today’s Google search picture caught my eye. The shadow of a rhino, its iconic horns, ears, massive body, and small tail, on a golden background made me wonder why Google had highlighted this animal. For children who are animal lovers and those concerned about preserving rare and endangered animal species, read and view more using the links below.