11-Year Old Inventor Hopes to Save Lives with Innovative Solution

11-year old Bishop Curry, is a young man who designed a device that alerts parents and the police if a child is left unattended in a hot car. Like all engineers, he developed the safety mechanism to meet a need. He did not want to see any other babies die in hot cars, like the incident that occurred not far from his family’s home.

How many other boys and girls have an idea for meeting a need, but haven’t quite found the way to operationalize it? Bishop is fortunate to have a father that not only listened to his idea, but encouraged him to build the concept, and currently manages the business aspect of moving Bishop’s invention through the funding, patent, and contract stages. Surely, there are countless other inventors who could also have within themselves a life-saving gadget or something that solves a real-life problem in the world.

To learn more and watch a video of a recent NBC News story on Bishop go to:



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